Virtual Customer Contact Centre

Through our 100% virtual business processes, innovative technologies and virtual workforce experience, we offer clients a solution proven to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and profitability.

OURTEL proudly deliver to our clients, superior customer service with local product and cultural knowledge, reducing customer service costs through employment of well-trained agents geared at handling all service activities . Retention of at-risk customers by identifying concerns and finding solutions EASILY.

The sales experience of our agents with first hand product knowledge increases the relationship agents have with callers, resulting in an average order size greater than 10-20% than with traditional call centre agents.

At OURTEL we believe that every interaction is an opportunity to expand the client-customer relationship where striving to deliver remarkable customer service on every call is a must.

OURTEL’s number one objective is to make it EASY to communicate with us!

Is your business positioned for the demands of the 21st Century Workplace? Where the top companies will be leveraging the benefits gained by employing a more mobile workforce.

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